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Rue Jaquet-Droz 1
2002 Neuchâtel
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Mission—Ensuring competitiveness through innovation

CSEM’s mission is to develop and transfer world-class (micro) technologies to the industrial sector—Switzerland being our priority—in order to reinforce the sector’s competitive advantage. We do this by:

  • Making cooperation agreements with established companies
  • Encouraging the creation of start-ups.

Vision—Technologies that make the difference

CSEM strives to be the Swiss cornerstone of innovation and technology transfer in micro-engineering and digital deep tech.

  • Maintaining industrial (manufacturing) activity in Switzerland is essential to the country’s future prosperity and stability. But Swiss labor costs are comparatively high.
  • Innovation is the only proven path to successfully managing these overall situation. Innovation, however, suffers from a bottleneck: technology transfer. And this is particularly true in an SME-driven economy.
  • This is why we strive to facilitate and even to accelerate the technology transfer process, employing outstanding CSEM technologies that make the difference in the digital world.