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Borer Chemie AG
Gewerbestrasse 13
4528 Zuchwil
032 686 56 00

We consider it our mission to create added value for our customers through efficient cleaning and disinfection processes. If you are thinking about sophisticated cleaning and disinfection you should be thinking about us – that is our vision.

We are specialists in the niche markets in which we work. In other words, we would rather know a lot about a little than a little about a lot. In the high-tech industries in which we operate, it is only through specialisation that contributions can be made to the further development of cleaning.

Innovation is what keeps us a step ahead in terms of technology, internationality is our approach to multiplying successful concepts, and service is our guarantee to support you on-site around the globe – these are the key factors to our success and the foundation for long-term, customer relations based on partnership.

Motivated employees are required to further develop these success factors. That is why we challenge and encourage our employees, creating an environment in which everyone can flourish, individually or as part of a team.