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Only seen again Swiss in the field of the treatments of surface. It is read by the business managers, frames and the representatives for purchases of the branch. As official organ of the Society Switzerland of Treatment of Surfaces (SST) and of the Association of the suppliers for the treatments of surface (AFTS), this bilingual periodical (German / French) is also widely used for the labour market. The readership stretches in classical and advanced technologies of surface as well as in industry of painting and varnish and techniques of materials.

«Oberflächen Polysurfaces» gives an ideal editorial environment in following domains:

  • installations of électroplastie (galvanic)
  • chemicals treatment of wastewaters, pomps, filters
  • noble metals
  • cleaning and reduction
  • apparatus of laboratory
  • instruments of measure
  • plastic containers
  • cabins of gritting
  • installations for the phosphatation
  • polishing
  • recycling and elimination of waste
  • painting and varnished
  • drying
  • weighing and proportion
  • poudrage electrostatics
  • protection against corrosion and technology of materials

The perfect setting for your advertisements and for the visibility of your company in French-speaking Switzerland.