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Revue internationale de criminologie et de police technique et scientifique
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The International Review of Criminology and Technical and Scientific Police (RICPTS) is devoted to criminology on the one hand, i.e. with the knowledge and the explanation of the criminal phenomenon, like with the prevention of the crime and the study of the social reaction to the crime, the crime being to as well consider under its aspects psychological, psychiatric sociological, legal as legal. It is in addition a review devoted to the technical and scientific police force or more generally to forensic sciences as a whole. The RICPTS thus includes/understands contributions treating of the application of a scientific step and techniques with the study of the traces which result from an criminal activity or litigious out of civil matter, lawful or administrative.

Finally, the problems covered by the RICPTS extend to the questions of security which call upon comprehensive approaches binding forensic criminology and sciences, to which come to be added research on the police force and private safety.