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MSP Kofel
Industriestrasse 35
3052 Zollikofen
+41 31 972 31 52

MSP Kofel offers products and services for embedded computing, analytical laboratories and mass spectrometry.

MSP Kofel is an independent privately owned company. It was founded on 1.1.2003 to continue the activities of the former company MSP Friedli & Co. that originally had started with processor development for mass spectrometry (since 1979).

Embedded Computing: Building Blocks for Industrial Real-Time Computing Applications

MSP Kofel offers products and services for Embedded Industrial Computer Systems: Single Board Computers (CompactPCI, PMC/XMC, AMC/MicroTCA, VME/VXS, VPX), Digital Signal Processor Boards, Analog I/O, Digital I/O and Communication Modules, Software Libraries and DSP Development Tools. Rapid time-to-market and straightforward integration into OEM designs are key elements of our products.

Analytical Supplies: Consumables and Accessories for Your Analytical Lab

MSP Kofel offers a large range of products for Sample Preparation, Chromatography, GC and GC/MS, HPLC and LC/MS, and for Spectroscopy, including selected software products for laboratory needs (e.g. mass spectrometry, LIMS, chemical inventory, multidimensional data analysis).

Mass Spectrometry: Software and Databases for Mass Spectral Analysis

MSP Kofel provides analytical scientists and researchers with software and databases for interpretation, confirmation and archival of spectra and chromatographic data.

We develop mass spectrometry software for the chemical industry, including system integration and customer specific adaptations. Our MassLib® software is an invaluable tool for structure elucidation of unknown mass spectra.

In addition we offer a range of consumables, electron multipliers and direct probe inlet systems for mass spectrometry.