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EPFL – Laboratoire de Production Microtechnique (LPM)
EPFL-STI-IMT-LPM BM 3142 (Bâtiment BM) Station 17
1015 Lausanne
+41 21 693 38 17
+41 21 693 38 91

The LPM research activities started 15 years ago, leading to the development of strong competences in a wide range of domains and applications linked to production techniques and production strategies, as well as product design and development for micro-engineering devices in general.


Function analysis, an efficient way of approaching and solving problems was advantageously used for many years in the different LPM research teams. The lab acquired competences in domains like quality control involving vision systems (for both functional and aspect control), development of embedded platforms for environment surveillance (in automotive of for sound analysis), conception of biomedical products (monitoring of physiological signals), or packaging and thick-film circuits design for sensors.